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Losing Connection

Social Media is Killing How We Communicate

In the advent of social media… there seems to be a lot of prevailing trends that are starting to become rather worrisome in the way that we as people communicate.

It seems that folks think that a “LIKE” is akin to actually giving notice to poignant thoughts or a ‘conversation’ in cyberspace. All the noise that is out there in so many formats… Facebook, Twitter (to name the two biggest contenders). A lot of communication is lost in all the noise depending on how many folks people ‘follow’ or ‘friend’.

  • And on that tangent… how many ‘friends’ does one need on Facebook? “Friending” online seems to be the “Pokemon” of the internet age… “Got to Catch ‘Em All”. If you have so many “friends” what kind of friends are they? Do you actually KNOW any of these people all that well?

  • If you Follow a lot of folks on twitter… no matter how well you organize it is hard to filter out a lot of the content you really want to see… what really matters? How do you discern what it is that you want to say… Limiting thoughts to 140 byte sized chunks has shown to be sometimes humorous but often harmful ways people communicate online. Some of the harshest things can be said without ANY form of filtration before being ‘tweeted’ to the world. Anything said online is able to be found… there is a record of it somewhere that will never be able to be completely removed/deleted.

So just some food for thought… I’m finding myself getting less and less enthused by the way people are starting to rely on social media communication to interact personally with friends. Even Instant Messages & SMS/Text is more personal than any social media outlet by and large. I sometimes miss the occasional IM from a friend… or SMS/Text… even the @reply from twitter feels more like a poke or hardly a real conversation medium to be had for anything in depth. Facebook only marginally better in some regards.

I remember the days of yesteryear of blogging… Do folks even really read them any more at this point? I am beginning to wonder… I used to use LiveJournal for the longest time then leaned away from it in the age of Twitter. I found that I can link things together to keep some sites alive with content though… and am trying to find ways that I can better get thoughts out in my head and not be limited by the character constraints of the social media forums.

All I would ask for anyone I know and care about is to don’t forget that these social mediums do not replace the simpler forms of interpersonal communication. You are thought about… and I care about those that are meaningful in my life.

Thank you all for listening to my rambling mind here.

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Sounds vaguely familiar... ;)


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Start with yourself and get blogging again! I like these posts of yours way better tahn the twitter feeds :-)

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Thanks for the comment there... I'll keep that in mind when I have something more thought provoking or insightful to comment or say something about :3

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I find that it can be variable. I switch how many people I follow and the like depending on mood. Lately, I've been trying to cut back from social media entirely just due to all the anxiety it causes.

I sometimes wonder if this is a backlash that will send a few of us to "RL-ONLY" lives. But I hope not. Social media has allowed me to meet so many people. But boiling it down to a "like" or a "+" is a problem ... but also a solution. I know that, on Facebook or g+, if I see something that leaves me uncertain of how to respond, I'll just sorta flag it so the person knows I saw it. But, beyond that, inventing words would seem insulting. But, again, no less than clicking "like" rather than saying anything. It's a catch-22, isn't it?

Anyway, I'd love to know a solution... The number of social media outlets keeps growing and, with it, it dilutes our ability to have meaningful conversation.


Social Media Workflow

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I'm still figuring out how to 'wean' myself down to only focusing on smaller lists and groups of people myself as of late in social media forums. It just seems like there's no 'tried and true' format and that there's new forums all the time popping up and people keep jumping on new bandwagons.

I've hardly been using G+ at all and find it a bit tedious, and Facebook I use only slightly more... but mostly because I can link it to feed from my Twitter which I'm more active on in the fandom. Then I am finding tumblr nice for showcasing links/video/photos now and Instragram as well... but having them also link to Twitter which then poses to FB. I like if nothing else to give a "like" same as you to at least give an 'acknowledgement' that I saw or am interacting with someone's post...

If I ever find a solution I'll let you know! :P Or if you find one workflow that you find helpful.. please toss it my way! :3

RE: Social Media Workflow

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You got it!